Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make friends, acquaintances, or connections that last. This can seem almost impossible in today’s society, where we are all so interconnected, yet frequently feel so alone. Though technology is a major contributing factor to this problem, it can also be a solution to it. It just needs to be used correctly. 

One solution is an application called Meetup. Meetup, launched in 2002, is an appropriately named app, as it facilitates people meeting in person. The groups within the app share an interest, such as literature, fitness, or food. Groups are typically free to join, though creating a group requires a monthly organizer subscription (roughly $14.99 to host up to three meetups per month). The organizer subscription also allows for unlimited group members and fellow organizers. Some organizers require payment of monthly or annual membership fees, but these are usually low, if there are any at all. Some groups require that users answer questions and/or gain approval to join. 

Meetup allows users to RSVP for each group event, post on the group page, and message other group members. Attendance is not necessarily required at every event, though the rules vary between groups. Some groups are limited by age group, gender, or both, but most are open to people of all ages and genders.

The most important part of the app, though, is its users living up to its name. Users must show up in order to reap the benefits of using the app. Meetup’s premise is to use modern technology to help satisfy a basic human need: connection. To truly connect with others, you must physically show up to events. Meetup allows users to find others with similar interests so that when they do meet, they are more likely to make meaningful connections.

Meetup is a handy and far-reaching app for newcomers and longtime area residents alike. It makes the computer in your hand, that can prevent you from connecting, into a helper to increase connections. The app is bright, with easy-to-read fonts and a plethora of options of interests for users to select.