Brookland DC Neighborhood Signs

Brookland DC – A Brief History

Historic Brookland DC is a popular residential area of the District that is sure to see some great development in the coming years. Brookland is named after Colonel Jehiel Brooks who fought during the War of 1812 and came to Washington, DC with the hopes of gaining a political appointment under Andrew Jackson. Brooks was not successful in this endeavor and thus became a farmer near the land that would later become The Catholic University of America. Brooks married the daughter of a prominent land owner in the area and soon became the owner of the 150 acre plot of land we know today as Brookland. Since then it has developed greatly from its farmland roots.

Monroe Street Market

Monroe Street Market

In 2013 the Brookland DC area welcomed one of its biggest successes; the Monroe Street Markets. At that time, shopping and restaurant spaces exploded onto the Brookland scene.  The “Artswalk” can’t go unseen as its unmistakable multicolored beacon shines off Michigan Avenue displaying its name.The “walk” is a beautiful piece of urban paradise with many local artists setting up shop at the store fronts that line the walk; displaying leather works, photography and arts of all kinds. The fountains with their backdrop of ivy covered walls frame the Artswalk, while on the other side of the block, near Monroe Street, sits the ever popular Brookland Pint, a craft brewpub that certainly hits the mark. The development features other DC staples such as the quiet and cozy Busboys and Poets and Filter Coffeehouse. Brookland's Finest Bar & Kitchen

Historic 12th Street Shopping

In addition to all the new development along Monroe Street spurred by Catholic University, the commercial corridor of 12th Street is undergoing its own renaissance with the addition of many new restaurants, bars and shops.  It is filled with man family-owned restaurants and shops that exude character. You’ll love being treated like a “regular” at any of them upon your first visit.

For the beautiful residences of Brookland look no further than just a couple blocks across the metro tracks, oh did I forget to mention? The area has its own metro station, the Brookland-CUA stop on the Redline, with Union Station only 3 stops away, commuting and getting to downtown DC couldn’t be easier. Beyond Monroe Street Markets, you’ll find a beautiful residential neighborhood, with gorgeous homes that feature lush yards and varied architectural styles on any given block. In the last year the area has seen a boom in home buying.

For instance, Brookland broke records and sold its first home over the price of 1 million dollars in 2016. The development of condos and townhomes are popping up all along 12th at cross streets Jackson, Evarts, Perry and Hamlin. Brookland truly has something for everyone. You surely don’t want to miss out!