LeDroit Park has a fascinating history.  From a whites-only neighborhood to later becoming home to the prominent African-American elite, the neighborhood features beautiful Victorian architecture with 12 different styles of homes.  Over 60 homes were designed by architect James McGill and not one of those were the same.  LeDroit Park was even protected by gates and guards for a period of time until many including Howard University students pushed for the integration of the community by tearing down the fences which separated LeDroit Park from the surrounding neighborhoods.*

Today, LeDroit Park is still coveted for having some of the richest architecture in the city.  With rapidly increasing real estate values, most homes in disrepair are being purchased by developers and converted to 2-4 unit boutique condominiums, two-family properties, or single family homes with “in-law” apartments.  The two-family homes ( and single family homes with “in-law” suites) are attracting the attention of buyers who see the potential of leasing their English basement to subsidize their mortgage payments.  It’s not uncommon for renovated English basement apartments to fetch $1800+/month.

While LeDroit Park itself is mostly residential, it is a few short blocks from great new shops and restaurants in Bloomingdale, Shaw, and U Street.  Bordered by Howard University to the West and North, Bloomingdale (2nd Street) to the East, and Shaw to the South (Florida Ave/ Rhode Island Ave), the neighborhood’s closest Metrorail station is the Shaw-Howard Station located at 7th & S Streets NW.

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