Urban Brokers sponsors a year of education for 5 girls to attend Pardadi Pardada Educational Society (PPES) School.

As part of Urban Brokers’ social responsibility program, we are honored to sponsor on year of education for 5 girls to attend PPES in India.  The commitment not only covers the cost of tuition for the school which is in session 6 days a week, year around. It covers 3 meals a day, bus or bicycle transportation from the student’s village to the school, uniforms, shoes, sweaters, course textbooks, and access to health care.

One measure of the school’s success is student test scores on the Uttar Pradesh (UP) state-wide standardized tests given to 10th and 12th graders. The population of UP is about 230 million and is one of the least economically advantaged states in India. On last year’s tests, 100% of PPES girls passed, with more than 80% scoring in the first division. More important than test scores is the character development that takes place over that 12 year period.

In much of India and UP, a girl child is not offered the same opportunity of education as a boy. PPES reverses that cultural norm, graduating students with a far superior education, who with self-confidence and determination are increasingly pursuing higher education and advanced employment opportunities.

While the core business of PPES, and its centerpiece is the school and the students it has graduated, PPES is also active in other areas of social concern. These include women Self-Help Groups (microfinance), health and hygiene education, and employment opportunities.

Get Involved

If you or someone you know is also interested in making a contribution to PPES, the US contact is Ron Fuchs.  He can answer any questions you may have about PPES, the Girl Sponsorship Program, travel to the school, tax status of your donation, or volunteering. Ron can be reached by email at rsandgate@comcast.net or by phone at 410-967-5391.